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  1. What is Zechstein Magnesium Oil and how is it different to other Magnesium Oils?

    • Zechstein Magnesium Oil is extracted from the ancient Zechstein Seabed. An underground source untouched by modern environmental pollutants, known for its purity and high-quality magnesium chloride content.  Zechstein Magnesium is considered one of the purest forms of magnesium oil. 

    • Unlike some other magnesium brands on the market, we have added no other ingredients. Just 31% pure magnesium chloride and purified water. ​

  2. How do I use Magnesium Oil?​

    •  Magnesium Oil can be used daily or any time of the day whether you're needing an afternoon pick me up or a night time wind down. Commonly used for muscle cramps and tension, by spraying on and massaging directly on the affected area. 

    • For headaches, spray a small amount into the hands and massage a small amount into the sides and forehead as well as any other spots you may be holding tension like neck or shoulders.

    • For menstrual and stomach cramps, spray onto stomach area and massage in a clockwise direction.​​

    • To calm your nervous system, spray and anywhere you may be holding tension. Back of neck, legs, side of head. Also rub a small amount into the inside of your wrist and bottom of your feet for a calming effect. 
    • For better sleep, Magnesium Oil can be rubbed into the soles of your feet and behind the knees before bed.  

    • Keep in mind not to spray into eyes or mouth.

  3. Can Restore and Reconnect Magnesium Oil be used during pregnancy?

    • Pregnancy is a time when our bodies require even more nourishment, for ourselves and our growing babies. It can help relieve cramps, get a better night sleep and nourish the body on a cellular level. With our pure Magnesium Oil coming straight from the earth, with no added nasties, we do consider it safe for expected mothers too. However, we would always suggest consulting with your healthcare professional for advice on your own health requirements. 

  4. I am getting a tingling or itching sensation. Is this normal?

    • Tingling or itching when using Magnesium Oil can be common and may be a sign of magnesium deficiency. Which doesn't mean you should not use it. In fact, the reaction may be a sign its what your body needs. As our Magnesium Oil is of such a high grade quality, it may just need to be diluted until your body has rebalanced its levels which can sometimes take only a few days. You can do this by adding a small amount of coconut oil or moisturiser when massaging to the area which should reduce any irritation. Another suggestion may be using on your feet or areas of the body that are less sensitive until your body is less sensitive to it. 

    • Tingling or itching sensation may also result from using Magnesium Oil on broken skin. So be wary of any cuts and sensitivity after shaving.

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