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Our pure Magnesium Oil is sourced from the pristine Zechstein seabed, formed over 250 million years ago, and is the most natural and pure magnesium chloride available.


Like oxygen and water, Magnesium is an essential mineral that our bodies require and plays a crucial role in over 300 physical functions. Our Magnesium Oil, used daily is perfect for replenishing supplies within the body which assists with calming the nervous system, promoting relaxation, mood enhancement and supporting overall health and wellness.

100% Pure Zechstein Magnesium Oil

  • Calming the nervous system,

    Improve sleep quality,

    Aiding digestion,

    Menstrual pain,

    Muscle & joint pain,

    Easing cramps,

    Relaxing muscles,

    Fuel energy production,

    Sports recovery,

    Enhance mood,

    Promotes strong bones,

    Improve skin’s overall appearance.


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