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Sleep well. Feel well. Live well

Restore and Reconnect is passionate about promoting wellness for a life of vitality. Our brand aspires to offer natural and sustainable products and services that we know work, to help you sleep well, feel well and live well.

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100% Pure Zechstein Magnesium Oil

Experience the power of magnesium oil—your natural solution for muscle relaxation, stress relief, and enhanced vitality. This topical spray eases muscle tension, supports a calm nervous system, and boosts energy by aiding ATP production. It promotes bone health, cardiovascular well-being, and improve sleep quality. Magnesium oil is your go-to for headaches and migraines, providing quick relief. Elevate your wellness effortlessly with this convenient, targeted application. Unlock the benefits today for a more vibrant and relaxed you.

Unlock the benefits of Magnesium Oil

Sleep well. Feel well. Live well

Calms the nervous system helping reduce stress & anxiety

Helps restless legs


Helps relieve menstural pain

Helps relieve muscle pain & cramps

Helps with sport recovery

Relaxes the body for a deeper, more nourishing sleep

Enhances mood

Alleviate headaches & neck tension

Fuels energy production

Can help relieve arthritis pain

Amanda V, Sydney

"After suffering from days of jetlag I tried this magnesium oil to help with sore legs from sleep deprivation. I was surprised how quickly my legs relaxed and let go of tension. It was also the first night I slept the whole night through since my return from overseas. I'm pretty sure that's thanks to the magnesium as well, as it had such a relaxation effect on my overall body. I now keep the bottle beside my bed to help with restless nights."

Robyn, Sydney

"I suffer from tendonitis in my wrist and was given this oil by a friend to try. It worked much quicker than voltaren rub which is what I usually use and forgot before long my wrist was even sore. It worked so well I had to buy some."

Tayla B, Sydney

'I had a camping trip where my neck and shoulders were stiff and sore. Used the magnesium oil, and woke up in the morning with my shoulders good as new. Really helped with a good night sleep too"

Hailey, Sydney

"My 8 year old daughter suffers with growing pains in legs and its worse at night. We started using this Magnesium Oil and not long after applying it eased her pain. Plus I also found when used, she has a restful nights sleep so thats an added bonus. I love that its safe and natural to use on my little one and I feel completely comforatble leaving it beside her bed for her to put on and use when needed"

Haylea, Central Coast

"I have struggled with aches and pains in my forearms from work for as long as I can remember. The pain would shoot from my wrist to my elbow with movement and a constant full ache. Magnesium Oil has worked wonders and within half an hour after gentle massaging it in, the pain had eases significantly and the constant dull subsides. Highly recommend!

Mike, Central Coast

"Can not say enough good about this magnesium oil. Natural muscle relaxant and soothing feeling. Helped my back relax enough to get me moving again. Above and beyond the use of mainstream medicines. Well worth every cent.

Debbie, Sydney

"Wow what a fantastic product. I used this magnesium oil on my wrist and my partner used it on his injured knee, surprised that it settled the pain almost instantly. It's become the -go to-  in our house for all stiff joints and aches"
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